• Criminal Defense

    Tough times require a strong advocate on your side. Whether you’re facing charges surrounding drug possession, DUI, or a serious felony offense, the Collins Law Firm will work for you.

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  • Civil Litigation

    The Collins Law Firm has expertise in all aspects of civil litigation, including business litigation, personal injury, and insurance claims. We can ensure you’ll have the best representation possible, regardless of your situation.

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  • Real Estate

    Protect one of your most important assets – your property. Whether you’re buying or selling a home, dealing with eminent domain issues or need assistance with property titles, the Collins Law Firm can help.

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  • Wills and Estate Planning

    Estate planning is one of the most critical legal matters you should take care of – regardless of your age or the size of your estate. The Collins Law Firm understands that you are working hard to leave something for your family and the generations that follow you.

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  • Business Associations

    Establishing a business is an exciting time, but if proper attention is not paid to the legal details the business may suffer a devastating loss. The Collins Law Firm understands that your focus should be on launching your business not dealing with the legal matters.

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Meet the Collins Law Firm

The Collins Law Firm takes pride in providing high-quality legal services and superior client service to people in Davidson County and Middle Tennessee.  From complex criminal cases and civil litigation to real estate matters and estate planning, our attorneys protect the rights and advance the interests of our clients.

Our mission is to serve as your advocate and your attorney for many years to come - no matter the legal issue - no matter the complexity of the case.  Our goal is to promote your best interests and be your advocate throughout the legal system. 

Thanks to the superior legal knowledge, multifaceted experiences and tenacity of each attorney, the Collins Law Firm provides legal services in a variety of practice areas so that we can meet most of our clients’ legal needs.

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  • The Collins Law Firm recently helped me with a personal matter. Grover answered all of my questions, no matter how stupid. He didn't tell me what I wanted to hear, he told me the truth. He didn't use fancy legal jargon, he talked to me like a normal human being. He got my case settled on the first court date and I couldn't be happier with the disposition of the case. Grover went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable with everything going on with my case. I have worked with many attorneys in the past for various personal/business matters and none of them kept me in loop about everything like Grover did. I will definitely be calling Grover for any and all legal issues that come up in the future.

    Linda Worely

  • If you're in need of legal representation, I highly, highly, highly recommend Grover Collins. HE'S AWESOME!!! I walked out that courtroom feeling lighter than I had in months. Prepared for a trail, it didn't even happen. Need I say more! This man's presents speaks volumes. With three charges hanging over my head, Grover Collins is a God sent gift. He was always available when I needed him. Telephone, or email, I didn't have to wait twenty-four hours later for a response. He don't believe in making you wait longer than you have too. Meetings included, he was on it. He listens then get to the matters of things. I vote you invest your money in retaining his services. You'll be glad you did! I LaHonza Wright, proudly approve this message! Get Grover Collins as your attorney. A man I most definitely trust!!!!

    - Lahonza Wright

  • My boyfriend and I were visiting Nashville when we had a routine traffic stop become a huge headache, with us both being accused of DUI's. (Tennessee has a DUI by allowance law that goes to the owner of the vehicle being driven by another person and they both get DUI's) -I immediately began searching law firms and found Grover, he met with us immediately, on a friday evening at 6!!, and was extremely communicative, intelligent and straight to the point on possible circumstances. His fees are very reasonable, he was always available for us at all times when we had any questions through the process and he knows his legal rights and laws! Grover used to be a District Attorney so he knows his way around a court room and through the Nashville court system, he knows his laws and possible punishments very well and displayed his comfortability and experience in the courtroom perfectly. He got my boyfriend down from a third to a first offense with his smooth ways and knowledge of the system, since we were out of state residents we got really lucky our home state is old school in their reporting! We would definitely recommend Grover for anyone!

    Corina Miller

  • I am so happy that I accidentally stumbled across Grover's website when I was looking for an attorney. He has been such a refuge for me and my family. We moved here from out of state and unknowingly moved into a house that was run by a slumlord. Grover took right over and we were immediately relieved from the stress of dealing with him. He was knowledgeable in the law pertaining to the landlord tenant act, he always answered my calls and was available whenever we needed him. He went over and above what we were charged by far! Hopefully I will never need an attorney again but if I do his number is on my speed dial.

    Tricia Reynolds

  • I recommend Grover Collins. Grover was an outstanding person to have on my side while going through my first DUI. I wasn't sure what to expect and he made me feel so much better after my first meeting with him. The waiting period is really tough during a DUI and Grover continually followed up with me. I knew he was doing everything in his power for a positive outcome, which is exactly what I got. My blood level was high and he was able to spare me multiple first time penalties. He will fight for his clients! I highly recommend him.


  • After a chain of bad decisions I found myself facing serious charges, confused, scared. I was recommended to Mr. Collins by a friend of mine a local Judges' wife. Mr. Collins was fantastic, prompt to answer any questions or concerns I had, clearly and entirely explaining my charges in terms I could understand, a clear plan of action for my defense. Mr. Collins was personable and patient with my many questions very making this scary chapter in my life easier to understand and ultimately overcome. I would recommend Mr. Collins in the highest form, and if the situation arises would use him in the future for any legal matters of my own. Unmatched Outstanding Results.

    Jess H.

  • I used the services of the Collins Law Firm for my estate planning needs. Grover Collins was very helpful, professional and friendly. The final product was precisely what I needed. Grover not only anticipated my needs but had excellent suggestions to make my will even more suited to my particular situation. I would be happy to use Grover again and would certainly recommend him to others.

    Rebecca V.

  • Grover Collins has successfully delivered me through legal matters specific to rental property as well as personal affairs. Grover is very responsive, communicative, thorough, and knowledgeable. He has God-given abilities to interpret and reiterate the intricacies of law in a way the common man can understand. Trust is the ultimate factor when selecting legal counsel. Grover will earn your trust based upon his education, experiences, and his ultimate focus on YOU. As a result of the interaction and guidance received, I strongly recommend the Collins Law Firm.

    Nate M.

  • Grover was a huge help to me and my husband, We have never needed a lawyer and he was extremely helpful during the process. He made himself available on short notice and immediately started helping our family. He was afforable and reliable and I would most definately refer him to our family and friends.

    K. Yates

  • I’ve known Grover Collins for about 12 years socially but had never had any professional dealings with him until recently. Grover was extremely professional. He listened to the questions I had. He didn’t tell me what I wanted to hear because I was a friend. He told me what my options were and we decided on what we felt was the best way to proceed. He didn’t use fancy lawyer jargon to explain it either. He talked to me like a person who didn’t go to law school.

    Aaron F.

  • Recently, I was given a bogus misdemeanor citation by an officer that was apparently picked last on the high school football team and looking for some quota fillers. When I called Grover Collins he was very knowledgeable & focused in identifying what I had to do. Things couldn't have gone more quickly and smoothly. Especially when the room full of people that I walked into who were waiting with similar predicaments were all still there after I had left with the charge dismissed His knowledge, experience, connections and professional demeanor are all reasons why I was able to leave completely unscathed. He probably saved me at least half of a day of my life as well... Afterward, I was impressed further with his knowledge in other arenas such as real estate law. I've been involved in many facets of commercial real estate for over 7 years, and it was apparent that I should see what he can do there as well. Thank you, Grover. You are a great find and asset in the legal community and justice system here in Nashville.

    Albert Hacker

  • Mr. Collins was thorough and diligent in representing my case. His negotiations with the District Attorney were strategic and well thought out. If it weren't for him, I have no idea the penalties I'd be facing on a charge that was, in my opinion, an overstepping of the Gallatin police. Thanks again, Grover, for all your hard work. Maureen

    M. Dunwoodie